Tellin’ Time 

Recorded live at the National Storytelling Festival on stage with Rosa Hicks.

  1. Storytime

  2. Mud Miner’s Song

  3. Cinderella

  4. Jack and the Magic Boat

  5. Yankee Come Home

  6. Sir Gawain and Lady Ragnell

  7. The Sick Note

  8. Introducing Rosa Hicks

  9. New River Train


And Once Again...

  1. Dueling Banjos

  2. Jack and the Robbers

  3. Little Scarface

  4. Simple Gifts

  5. The Marvelous Cat

  6. Br’er Possum

  7. Stories Everywhere

  8. The Man in the Moon in Love

  9. Acres of Diamonds

  10. The Gospel of Beauty

  11. 50 Ways to Fool Your Mother

  12. The Wise One

  13. Anecdote of the Jar

  14. Train and Chorus


Fool’s Luck

Recorded Live at the National Storytelling Center in Jonesboro, TN

  1. Brotherly Lovely

  2. The Brown-Haired Boy

  3. Mud Miner

  4. Jack and the Northwest Wind

  5. The Foolish Frog

  6. Ulster Jack

  7. Improvised Rapunzel


Home For Christmas

Stories of Light

  1. The Juggler of Notre Dame

  2. Gift of the Magi

  3. A Child’s Christmas in America

  4. A Visit from St. Nicholas

  5. Born in a Stable Rap

  6. Lo, How a Rose Ere Blooming

  7. A Child's Christmas in America

  8. Creator of the Stars of Night (Reprise)

  9. A Visit from St. Nicholas

  10. Born in a Stable (Christmas Rap)



The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Like A Party

  1. Mud Miner

  2. Br’er Fox

  3. Princess and the Frog

  4. Les Jongleurs de Notre Dame

  5. The Kingdom of Heaven is Like a Party

  6. The Creation

  7. The Nativity

  8. The Marvelous Cat

  9. Improv


Classics Revisited

Stories told at the International Storytelling Center Theatre

  1. Yankee Come Home

  2. The Princess and the Frog

  3. Hamlet

  4. David the Dancin’ Boy

  5. Hansel and Gretel

  6. The Squire’s Bride

  7. Foolish Jack

  8. Improvisation


Silly Jack:  Stories And Songs For Children

  1. Happy and You Know It

  2. The Rooster with the Magic Stomach

  3. School Bus Song

  4. Silly Jack

  5. Br’er Fox

  6. Sody Salaraitis

  7. Peanut Butter

  8. 50 Ways to Fool Your Mother

ED STIVENDER LIVE!  Jonesborough 2013

    1.  The Hogaphone
    2.  The Mud Miner
    3.  The McWiliamses and the Burglar Alarm
    4.  The Chess Game
    5.  Hamlet
    6.  The Golden-Headed Fish
    7.  The Privet Hedge
    8.  Red Riding Hood Improv
    9.  Yankee Come Home


…like a party! the gospel according to ‘st. francis’

Recorded live at the National Storytelling Festival in 2017

  1. Introduction

  2. The Creation

  3. The Nativity

  4. The Marriage Feast of Cana