Once Upon a Planet

Accompanying himself on banjo and harmonica, Ed tells stories from diverse cultures around the world, selecting his program based on the age and background of his audience.  Themes of Harmony, Temperance and Fairness may be highlighted.

Raised Catholic, Can You Tell?


From learning to “Leave room for the Holy Ghost” in a crowded parochial school classroom to serving his first Latin Mass, the joys and agonies of a Catholic boyhood are remembered with a light touch. His upbringing evident even in his most secular piece, An evening with Ed Stivender is a zany mixture of music and memories, stories and improvisations on life in Catholic America.

The Kingdom of Heaven is Like a Party

Assuming the persona of St. Francis of Assisi, Ed tells the Greatest Story Ever Told, starting with creation and continuing through to the Resurrection of Jesus to produce a celebration of the creative spirit.

How Paddy McGlade Entered Into A State Of Grace

A tale of unlikely conversion in a Belfast cemetery by Sinn Fein Representative Gerry Adams.

American Dreamers

Accompanying himself on banjo and harmonica, Ed draws from Folk and Literary sources to tell stories of heroes and fools striving to make their dreams come true.  This piece is adaptable for Adult, Child, and Family audiences.

 Classics revisited

Stories that everyone knows - or thinks they know - are brought to life in new versions from Literature and Tradition.